Performance Program

Daniel Serravite, Ph.D. - Performance Program Director

Dr. Daniel Serravite who will serve as a sport scientist, is an accomplished exercise physiologist that devotes his work to apply the science of sports to youth soccer development while creating the best opportunities to maximize players’ potential. He also has a vast experience working with youth and professional soccer players at the national and international level. Dr. Serravite collaborated with the US Soccer Federation as a sport scientist specialist for both, the men’s National Youth Program and Coaching Education department. As Weston FC’s current Sport Science Director, he oversees the strength and conditioning, sport science education and periodization of the Premier as well as the U.S. Soccer Development Academy programs.

Performance Program

Weston FC has been a pioneer in this field by establishing the first sport science program at the youth soccer level in USA. The main goal of the Performance Program is to provide biological support to the long-term player development by providing and implementing an evidence based program.

The Pillars of the program are:

The unique working methodology that is applied in each practice is the result of the integration of the technical, tactical, sport science and social areas. As a result, players enjoy soccer specific sessions on the field that focus on coordination, agility, speed, strength, power and endurance year round following the Weston FC long-term player development program that has specific goals by age group and period of the season.