Alaya Spa Offers Weston FC Families a Special Deal

The aLaya Spa is offering our families a “pump up and relax” special membership that’s LOADED with value.

Imagine having a world-class spa right in our own backyard.  Now imagine that adjacent to the spa is a world-class gym. Keep imagining… this time, picture more space where spinning and yoga (heated yoga too!) are held.  As long as we’re imagining, why not include a eucalyptus sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi and private lap pool.

Now, stop imagining… you don’t have to imagine because its all real.  Its real and waiting for you at the aLaya Spa at the Bonaventure Resort & Spa.  To make this entire picture really come to life, the aLaya Management have put together a package ONLY for Weston FC families (and our friends) that is almost… you guessed it, unimaginable.

alaya transparentIt’s all spelled out in the flyer below, but just to whet your appetite, you will receive the following:

  • a complimentary 25 minute massage or facial each month
  • unlimited group fitness (spinning, yoga, etc.) classes
  • 24/7/365 access to the BB3 Training Center
  • use of the spa amenities (Sauna, Steam Room, Jacuzzi, etc…)

Steve Ziegler“We’re blown away by how generous the Bonaventure team has been. This partnership will truly benefit both parties involved, and our members will receive some fabulous benefits as well.  The deal that the spa is offering is amazing.”

The aLaya Spa has allowed Weston FC members to share this offer with our friends and extended family members. Please feel free to post the flyer on your own social media pages or e-mail to friends and family as well.