FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 7, 2019, Los Angeles, CA – The Development Player League (DPL)is proud to announce the addition of several top clubs for the 2019/2020 Season. This is the result of a collaboration between leading clubs in key markets. The DPL provides a development structure that focuses on playing more meaningful games within highly professional game day environments, more training, high-level coaching, development before winning attitude, and great exposure in major college showcase events.

The expansion will result in conference games, Regional and National Showcases as well as a Championship Series at the end of the season which will rival any other platform in the country and truly give players an advantage in their college recruiting process. Founded on the ideology of the US Soccer Development Academy, the DPL is designed for clubs to manage their elite player pools to maximize their potential.

“Tophat is extremely excited to compete in the DPL for 2019-2020 season! We believe that the DPL will be a tremendous platform in which our players can showcase themselves nationally and compete regularly with some of the biggest and best soccer clubs in the country.” – Troy Garner (Tophat).

“Legends is excited we are building our DPL into a national platform. From day 1we have wanted to create a national league with championships, while still maintaining the standards set forth in both the DA and the DPL. The addition of other regions as well as the caliber of clubs joining from those regions, allows us to create that national platform with a tremendous level of competition.” – Kevin Boyd (Legends FC).

“We are excited about the expansion of the DPL nationwide. The inclusion of several of the top clubs around the country will just add value for our club membership and certainly bring increased college exposure for our players.” – Matt Grubb (FC Dallas).

‘Lonestar is extremely excited about the expansion of the DPL across the US. Several of the top clubs have joined for the 2019/20 season. Together we will utilize the DPL to enhance player development through a consistent playing environment and level of competition.” – Wes Schevers (Lonestar).


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