It is with great enthusiasm that we announce our Annual College Symposium to be held on Thursday, November 12 at 8pm and a repeat event on Thursday, November 19 at 8pm Friday, November 20 at 8pm for parents and players.  During this educational symposium, players and families interested in getting a collegiate education in the United States will have the opportunity to learn about the college guidance process at Weston FC.  This program will be hosted by Chris Daniels – VP Boys, Luis Mendoza – Technical Director and Jaime Segura – CEO Sports & Talent Studio (http://www.sportstalentstudio.com/) as well as additional members of the Weston FC technical staff.  We will provide advice and guidance on how to prepare for the process to play soccer in college and potentially obtain a college scholarship.

Discussions will include timing and selection of schools, how to communicate with college coaching staff, the importance and methods for preparing for the SAT/ACT exams, proper way to prepare your resume, how to design a highlight video that will appeal to college coaches and other important topics. We will also be providing other details of how our staff can guide and assist you throughout this process in order to achieve collegiate placement.

We highly encourage all sophomores, juniors and seniors from the Weston FC Boys’ Program to be present at this event accompanied by one parent or guardian.  Please join this Zoom link promptly at 8pm on either day…

Zoom Meeting Access:
Zoom ID: 571 933 3841
Password: WFC14Elite

Weston FC looks forward to helping its student athletes build a successful future. This life-changing process starts at this event. Don’t miss it!

*There is no cost for this event*