Gianfranco de Castro

Class of 2017
California Institute of Technology

Height: 6’0

Position: M/D

Career Stats: 55 goals

High School: Cypress Bay

Club Soccer: Weston FC

Class of 2017

Gianfranco joined the Weston FC program at age 11 and trained under the direction of coaches Mauricio Gamboa, Sergio Pereyra, Pablo Rivera and Pablo Gentile. After being called-up to the black team, Gianfranco evaluated the demanding nature of that his new role would have and the impact in his academic performance. He chose to stay at a White level. It was his Academic Performance that gained him a spot among the other 285 freshmen from all over the world accepted into the California Institute of Technology. Once he gained acceptance, he was hand-picked to play in its Division 3 Men’s soccer team.

Gianfranco led the team to their first win in 6 years by scoring two goals during the first game of the season. He has demonstrated a perfect balance between the love for the sport and the importance of Academic Performance. He is currently an Astrophysics major and plans to do an internship at JPL during next summer.