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Uniform Policy


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The required package will consist of the following. All items are mandatory, You can purchase as many of each item as you wish. Members often like to have more than 1 of the practice items.


  • 2 Condivo 18 game Jerseys (1 black/1 white)
  • 1 Condivo 18 game shorts (1 black)
  • 1 Squadra 17 game shorts (1 white)
  • 2 pairs of Copa Zone III game socks (1 black/1 white)
  • 1 Entrada 18 training jersey (grey)
  • 1 pair of Parma 16 practice shorts (black)
  • 1 pair of Metro IV practice socks (black)
  • 1 Striker II backpack

Once the teams are established and jersey numbers allocated, the Club will upload the information to Soccerzoneusa.com who will generate a unique player pass link for each player to order their uniform. This link will be emailed directly to the player from sportsendeavors.com.

The above will be the mandatory package. In addition, there will be optional items to purchase, which will include warm ups, rain jackets, polos and other spirit wear.

Jersey Numbers:

It is Club Policy that all players in an age group have different numbers. For example, if there are 36 players in an age group and 4 teams (Black/White/Gold /Blue), no Black, White, Gold or Blue player will have the same number. In the event of player movement in any direction, the Black player will always be given first choice. In all cases, current membership will always take priority over new incoming players. If existing players have the same number, priority will go to the player who has been in the club the longest.

In the event that there is a situation not covered in this Policy, those scenarios will be dealt with on a case by case basis. The final decision will be made by the Technical staff.

In the event that there are new incoming players requesting the same number, the Head Coach will make the final decision. This may result in neither player getting the number they requested.

In the event of a number becoming available (e.g. Player moves out of town), the number will be available in the following order:

  1. Existing WFC members will be given first choice as per the Policy (Black first, White second, )
  2. Thereafter the number is available to new players, as per the Club’s Policy and the Head Coach will have the final say in the event of a


To avoid unnecessary time and effort on the part of the coaches and volunteers when players are provided with cross playing opportunities. As an example, White player is invited to guest with Black team at a tournament. With the implementation of this Policy, there is no extra work required on anybody’s part. This policy is effective immediately.

Uniforms are purchased directly online from soocer.com. Weston FC is not responsible for players ordering wrong sizes.

Placing Tape on uniform jerseys is strictly prohibited

If there are players with duplicate numbers on the same team, the protocol will be as follows:

Existing players on the team shall keep their number and the incoming player will have to change number. In this case, the Club will absorb the cost of the removal and replacement of uniform jersey numbers.

General Uniform Condition

Neither the uniform jersey, shorts not practice T-­‐shirts may be altered, cut in any way. Altered uniforms or practice T-­‐shirts will be decommissioned and the player shall be responsible for its replacement.

Players shall not enter the field for games or practices with altered uniforms or practice T-­‐shirts.

Uniforms / Practice gear is Mandatory

Players may not enter the fields without the Weston FC uniform or practice gear.

Weston FC Uniforms must be the current uniform. This may not replaced in part of whole by previously decommissioned uniforms.

Practice gear shall consist of Weston FC Adidas Entrada practice jersey, black shorts (Adidas and/or generic only), black socks (Adidas or generic only).

Uniforms are purchased directly online from soccerzoneusa.com.

Weston FC is not responsible for players ordering wrong sizes.