Uniform Information

Weston FC uniforms have a life cycle of two (2) years. The upcoming 2016/17 season is the first year of that cycle, therefore, every player needs to purchase a new uniform.

This package will consist of 2 jerseys, 2 game shorts, 2 pairs of game socks, 1 dri-fit practice tee, 1 pair of practice shorts, and 1 pair of practice socks.  Once the teams are established and jersey numbers allocated, the Club will upload the information to soccer.com who will generate a playerpass link for each player to order their uniform.  This link will be emailed directly to the player from sportsendeavors.com.

The above will be the mandatory package. In addition, there will be optional items to purchase, which will include additional practice shirts, warm ups, rain jackets, and backpacks.