Seasonal Programs

Elite Private Training

During our sessions we focus on principles for both defending and attacking and everything in between. Passing and Receiving, Dribbling, Shooting, Juggling, Leadership, Positioning, Anticipation, Confrontation, Aggressiveness, Confidence, Delay, Marking, Tackling, Coverage, Technical skills, Speed agility coordination, Creativity, And many more …


Futsal is a sport in its own right which does not compete with soccer but serves to enrich it. It is widely viewed as the ideal skill building environment for producing technically excellent soccer players. There are proven benefits to playing Futsal for the technical skill development of young players, with particular emphasis on the skills of passing, dribbling and close control.

Summer Program

The camp is designed for players of all skill level who desire to train under Weston FC’s top coaches and who want to improve their technical and tactical abilities. The players will be divided by skill level and will have the opportunity to train with other players, both at their own level, and above. The camp will emphasize all technical, tactical, and physical aspects of the game.

Pre-Season Academy Training

The Weston FC camp is a high performance soccer training curriculum executed over 6 days by elite coaches. We only offer this opportunity one week per year to a limited number of players.  The main goal of the camp is to provide advanced youth players with the opportunity to start the preparation for a highly demanding soccer season.