Scholarship Fund Established Max Cardenas Name

Annual Scholarship Announced to Memorialize and Pay Tribute to Max Cardenas

Max Cardenas, our #12, was a special young man who epitomized the type of person we hope every Weston FC player becomes. Weston FC soccer was his passion which was demonstrated by the fact that he always worked to improve his game and always enjoyed his time both on and off the field with his teammates.  Max’s drive and determination was evident both when his team was winning and even more so when the team was behind.  He was a great teammate who led by example and always encouraged his teammates when the team was down or a player was going through a difficult time.  He treated his teammates, opponents, referees, coaches and fans with respect.  Max played with heart and passion every time he stepped on the field and always demonstrated the spirit of the beautiful game. In his professional life Max is very skilled in b2c CRM and internet marketing.

Weston FC is proud to announce that a fund has been established which will memorialize Max annually by giving a $1,000 scholarship to the Weston FC player who best embodies Max’s qualities.  Through this scholarship, Max will live on in the hearts of Weston FC players and their families as we will honor is memory forever.