A Message From Victor Pastora

Dear members,
We hope this note finds you well. We’d like to clarify some possible confusion regarding tryouts and
team selections thus far. We want this communication to help you better understand the process as
well as our circumstances and procedures.
As you might be aware, FYSA changed tryout rules for next season. Specifically, all clubs are able to
evaluate players starting April 1st. Clubs are also able to register players to their club for next season
as of now. Simply stated, the tryout and registration process is starting two months earlier. While the
timing is new to all of us, we are managing the process and have started to form preliminary teams.
Our team creation process:
1 – We have an age group depth chart created by the coaches with assistance of age group DOCs.
These charts are created every season to track player movement and current status within the age
group. The age group depth chart is updated both by position and skill level. This is our reference
guide to create rosters for next season, and will be updated by the future coach with assistance of the
DOC as well. We attempt to evaluate each player thoroughly and properly during their season and
the past years they have been with the club.
2 – We had the opportunity to evaluate new players the first two days of tryouts, we will continue to do
so thru June 3rd.
3 – Current Weston FC players will be part of those tryouts as well, although their performance
throughout the season plays a more significant role in our evaluation, it is still helpful to see players
within the groups for next season.
4 – Please note that we anticipate changes to the rosters created thus far as the competition will
continue for those who commit to our program and sign up for next season. These changes on the
premier side of our program will more than likely be players moving up. Although we can’t guarantee
anything, it is our objective not to have any player move down from the position offered.
You may ask; why start registration if rosters are not final?
We want to avoid waiting until the end of tryouts in order to find out who is committed to the club.
Having a head start facilitates the process and coaches can make final tweaks with plenty time,
instead of rushing at the end. We will form Premier teams before we form Academy program teams
and we are required to form academy rosters before the third week of June. Instead of starting
registration June 5th and going thru the summer finalizing rosters, we start now and target to be done
with the process Monday June 5th – the day of our program age group presentations.
We will continue to evaluate and make final tweaks to the rosters over the next two months. This
takes into consideration the players that signup for next season and new players coming to the Program.

We thank you
for your support and commitment.
Victor Pastora