Community Involvement

Weston FC is Involved in Our Community and Around the World

Since it was founded back in 1998, Weston FC has had strong ties to the City of Weston, the surrounding communities and even around the world.

The Weston FC Board of Directors, Coaches, Staff, Members and players are constantly involved in ways to improved local community related programs by volunteering, guiding and even providing financial support when needed.

Some of the community related programs are listed below:

The Pink October Campaign

Every year, during the month of October, more than 1,000 players hit the field wearing pink jerseys, pink socks and other pink items in support for Breast Cancer Awareness.  Through this initiative, the Club has been able to raise over $3,000 each year to support a local Breast Cancer Support & Prevention Group.

Financial Aid to Support our Community

Weston FC provides financial assistance to the families of players that are unable to coast the expenses associated with Registration due to their limited income or financial hardship. In this cases, the Club has been able to subsidy between 10 to 100 percent of the costs associated with membership. The amount allocated towards this end varies according to budgetary projections. During the past two years $80,000 per years has been awarded in Financial Aid.

Weston Cup

By far, the largest Youth Soccer Tournament in Florida. Bringing in more than 620 teams from US and abroad. Over 30,000 fans, family members, players, coaching staff and college scouts, flock our city during President’s day to enjoy soccer at its finest. Over 1,000 matches are played in just three days!

A recent Financial Impact Study places the community financial revenue to be upwards of the $700,000 for that single weekend!