College Program

Weston FC College Program

The college recruiting process can be a very exciting but stressful time for you and your son or daughter. Many players and parents feel pressure to get seen and make decisions as early as possible. You may hear stories of players signing with a certain school as sophomores. This is one of many myths surrounding college soccer recruiting .

Players make verbal commitments during their junior and senior years and cannot sign with a school until February of their senior year. Below are some other facts to consider:

  • Less than 3% of youth soccer players receive a college soccer scholarship, and most only get a partial amount.

  • 82% of all collegiate programs are outside of NCAA Division I ( DII , DIII , NAIA, NJCAA).

  • College coaches are not interested in your teams record, gotsoccer points, or history. They only want to know if you can play for them, are a good student, and will enrich the college environment.

  • College coaches do not normally attend high school games. They focus on showcase tournaments designed to showcase large numbers of players separated by age and talent level.

  • 98% of all contact between coach and player is initiated by the player. Unless your son or daughter is in the US National Team Pool, she will need to contact the schools she is interested in.

  • There are several ways for your son or daughter to be seen by a specific coach: College showcase tournaments, College ID camps, summer camps, League games, & ODP/iD2/US National Training Centers

  • Good grades and test scores are far more important. There is much more academic and need-based scholarship money than athletic money .

  • NCAA Division I programs are not all the same. There are many DII, DIII, and NAIA programs that are better funded, have better teams, and provide a better experience for student-athletes.

Your Weston FC College Coordinator will guide your through this step-by-step process and will show you how to search, choose, and contact schools of your choice.

How to search? Where to look? How to Register? Are some of the steps you will discover as well as many tips and important things to remember during the process.

Your College Coordinator will also assist you in preparing your Soccer Resume and the initial contact letter to College Coaches.

For more information about this program or if you’d like to make an appointment with the Weston FC College Coordinator, please contact your college coordinator.

College Track Program

This information packet is designed to assist you in the college recruiting process.


Included is a guide to contacting schools, sample letters to college coaches, player profiles and facts regarding soccer scholarships and recruiting.