Boys Program Coaching Staff

2020-2021 Coaching Slate

“The below Coaches’ list is the anticipated Coaching Slate structure for the 2020-21 Soccer Season. Weston FC reserves its right to make further adjustments to the coaches’ assignments based on the upcoming tryouts outcome, registration results, future needs of the overall program and as deemed necessary by the Club’s Technical Director”




Training Lab Program


Training Lab Program







U8 (2013)

U8 Black

U8 White

U9 (2012)

U9 Black

U9 White

U9 Blue

U9 Gold

U10 (2011)

U10 Fut. Elite

U10 Black

U10 White

U10 Blue

U11 (2010)

U11 Fut. Elite

U11 Black

U11 White

U11 Blue

U12 (2009)

2009 Future Elite

2010 Future Elite

U12 Black

U12 White

U12 Blue

U13 (2008)

U13 Elite (MLS)

U13 Elite Reserves

U13 Black

U13 White

U14 (2007)

U14 Elite (MLS)

U14 Elite Reserves

U14 Black

U14 White

U14 Blue

U15 (2006)

U15 Elite (MLS)

U15 Elite Reserves

U15 Black

U15 White

U15 Blue

U16 (2005)

U16 Elite (MLS)

U16 Elite Reserves

U16 Black

U16 White

U16 Blue

U17 (2004)

U17 Elite (MLS)

U17 Elite Res.

U17 Black

U17 White

U17 Blue

U18 (2003)

U18 Black

U18 White

U18 Blue

U19 (2002)

U19 Elite (MLS)

U19 Elite Reserves

U19 Black